My Work History

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J. Paul Getty Trust, Los Angeles, CA

Senior Web Developer / Web Production Specialist / Web Content Specialist

I’ve been building websites here since I was a contractor in 2000. I’ve seen our pages morph from flat html with tables and frames, to templates in a content management system. We did the Flash thing when that was all the rage; we went from bright colors to gray and white; we’ve done audio tours, mobile tours, and mobile audio tours; we’ve created cool apps for an in-gallery multitouch table; we made the jump to all of the social media playgrounds; and though we’re totally on board the CSS/CSS3 train, we’re still trying to transition tens of thousands of web pages out of tables and into responsive grids. Also? We won a Webby in 2002. 😀

Recent and favorite projects include:


Aquent, Los Angeles, CA

For seven months I worked as a contractor with The J. Paul Getty Trust, as an employee of Aquent, on the web team that converted the many individually-run department websites and joined all of their content into one massive and cohesive website with one unifying design. When the project ended, they hired me full-time.


William Gallagher Associates, Boston, MA

I started as a receptionist soon after college, then moved to administrative assistant for the benefits insurance brokers department, followed by marketing specialist, then assistant account manager, until finally I left the insurance side to join the IT department, where I spent my last two years there providing help desk and networking support for 80 employees in three states, as well as building and maintaining the website. In the end I learned that websites were my one true love, so I made the jump to developing those full-time (at the same time I made the jump from Boston to Los Angeles).

Workshops I Have Taught

Blogging Basics 101, American Alliance of Museums, 2011 (Houston) and 2012 (Minneapolis)
Blogging Basics 201 (co-taught), American Alliance of Museums, 2011 (Houston) and 2012 (Minneapolis)
Building a Website on a Shoestring Budget, American Alliance of Museums, 2012 (Minneapolis)
Optimizing Your Website for Mobile, American Alliance of Museums, 2013 (Baltimore)

Things I Am Awesome At

  • CSS, CSS3
  • jQuery
  • WordPress
  • Foundation 5
  • Optimizing websites for mobile
  • Teaching

Things I Know but Don’t Get Enough Practice In

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • JSON

Things I’ve Been Studying Lately, But Haven’t Used Much Yet

  • SCSS
  • Python
  • Git
  • Ruby

Things I Hate

  • Dreamweaver
  • Internet Explorer
  • The disparity in browsers and their different interpretations of code
  • Internet Explorer (needed to be said twice)
  • To be brutally honest, Drupal. Man, that system is a PITA.

Me, myself and my work