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Browser chrome on mobile devices

Today I’ve been trying to solve the problem of the header and footer chrome on mobile browsers. Our project designer came up with a beautiful grid homepage for the small mobile website we’ve been working on, but the chrome definitely detracts from it.

So far I have tried the code here and here. They looked promising, but neither worked as indicated, i.e. the page would move down, but the chrome wouldn’t disappear–at least, not on my 4S.

At the moment I am stuck. Building an amazing fullscreen mobile experience seems to indicate that it’s a bad idea to hijack a user’s browser anyway–API is where it’s at. Unfortunately I don’t think this app provides enough content to make it worth anyone’s while to save it to their desktop. So right now, looks like I’m going back to the designer to give her the bad news.

I’m still looking for a way around it, though. I don’t believe anything is impossible, it’s just not yet known to me.