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The boring side of web-work

It’s been a terribly boring month. My cool, awesome projects have either launched, or are still in “committee” (endless meetings banging out the minute details). Instead, I’ve been finishing up the tedious tasks that pop up when you decide to move thousands of video and audio files from one streaming server to another–updating links and embed code, converting old formats to new formats (goodbye, Real Media!), identifying the corrupt files, removing their links and embeds, and trying to keep it all straight in one giganto spreadsheet. Granted, I’ve learned about the Amazon cloud servers and the various different media conversion software options that sometimes recognize Real Media….and sometimes don’t. But mostly I’ve been getting repetitive stress twinges from the constant copying and pasting of filenames and shiny new embed codes.

Awesome. But, somebody’s got to do it.

Now I just have to track down about a hundred source files to replace the corrupt ones. Yay.