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Broken stats on old WordPress MU 2.8.2

I’ve been having a big problem with stats with my company’s install of WP MU. First, the stats for all three sites I administer there disconnected from my professional Akismet account and attached themselves to my personal account.


I can’t even express how horrifying this was, and I still don’t understand how it happened.

Fortunately I got excellent support from the peeps at WordPress.com, and they reattached the sites to the correct Akismet account, but unfortunately they could only attach the stats going forward–the info for the past year is still attached to my personal account. There’s a fix for it, but it’s for updated sites and plugins, and we’re definitely not running the most recent releases for either WordPress or WordPress Stats. Even worse, they’re not slated to be updated any time soon by those that control the servers.

If you know of a WordPress√ā¬†plugin that’s up-to-date and still runs on MU, let me know so I can try to run the fix, because until it’s repaired, stakeholders have to come to me for their past stats, and as much as I live to serve, it’s so much easier when they can access that information on their own.

Disappearing content? WUWT?

Today one of the WordPress MU blogs I administer (no, we have not updated them yet, don’t ask) played a little trick on me and ate some of its posts. Not all of them, mind you, just some of them, and all from the same category. I won’t lie, there was definitely some panic running through my email inbox. I contacted ITS in blind terror that it wouldn’t be recoverable, especially since a reporter was going to be accessing that site at any moment to do a story on it, and there was nothing I could do to stop her. And because this is the way with emergencies, everyone was at lunch.

There was nothing more I could do from my end, so I sat back and waited, chewing my nails and unable to concentrate on anything else. About an hour later, ITS guy came moseying along to my desk, and said, “I don’t understand the problem, I can see everything just fine.”


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